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neologismosSICAR cat, the program for the attention of female victims of human trafficking, has contributed to the creation of new neologisms in the Catalan language related to the crimes of trafficking and smuggling, published today by TERMCAT in the section: ‘La finestra neològica’ (The neological window) on their website.

  • Human Trafficking: Tràfic d’éssers humans o de persones
  • Human Smuggling: Contraban de persones o d’éssers humans

 This resolution is in response to the concern that SICAR cat’s main areas of awareness and advocacy (human smuggling and human trafficking), communicated to TERMCAT a little over a year ago in order to reach a consensus on the translation of each term/crime (which have been translated on more than one occasion, for example, in both the Catalan and Castilian media), have been inconsistently translated or confused.

Through the blog SICAR cat Press and the twitter profile @SICARcatPress, the organisation has monitored and continues to monitor news related to human trafficking and offers recommendations to the media using the hashtag #AlertaSicar. Over the course of 2016, SICAR cat made a total of 81 recommendations through #AlertaSicar, 62% of those related to the confusion of the two crimes: trafficking and smuggling.

As such, from now on, Catalan will adopt those forms in parallel to English as the designated reference, as they are the established forms used by international organisations to define these distinct concepts.  Soon these new neologisms will be included in CERCATERM (the server from which the TERMCAT database can be accessed).