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valorsOur Mission

Adoratrius is a religious, non-profit entity that provides care to women in situations of exclusion. In Catalonia, since 2002, it develops the SICAR cat programme, which provides comprehensive care to women who are victims of human trafficking for their recovery and the restoration of their rights. It also organizes awareness and denounce actions in order to contribute to social change.

Our Vision

  • Achieve the financial sustainability of the programa with diversified funds.
  • Keep our presence and voice in key organizations and leadership in the field of human trafficking in Catalonia.
  • Consolidate action circuits established with different actors involved in the fight against human trafficking and the protection of the victims.
  • Keep generating knowledge in a systematic way.
  • Consolidate a multidisciplinar team that is cohesive, efficient and proactive.
  • Strengthen our structure connecting with Fundación Amaranta, but keeping our particular features.