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  • Contact: Answer the demands for attention and identification of different social agents that detect women who are victims or potential victims of human trafficking.
  • Social Care: Follow the social integration process of victims of human trafficking, promotion of their own abilities and ease of Access to resources that help improving their quality of life.
  • Housing: Identify and take care of, from the different housing devices of ours (emergencies, stay and autonomy) and of external institutions, the basic needs of the women who have been victims of human trafficking for exploitation in Catalonia and helping them in the process of empowerment and decision making, while protecting them and keeping them safe.
  • Returning: Help women who have victims or are potential victims of human trafficking, whether they have been identified or not, returning voluntarily to their country of origin in conditions of security and dignity.
  • Health: Allow the Access to healthcare, which is the right of the victims, to complement the recovery both in a physical and a psychological sense.
  • Training and work: Escort the victims during the process of training and labour integration.
  • Legal: Create a legal service that allows victims of human trafficking to have access to legal and administrative procedures.